Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hi, I haven't done this in a while. I can say I've been busy at my own projects. I have a book finished, finally but in edit. Yay still...
This piece is for Chuck Wendig's flash fiction challenge that he holds every Friday. We were giving six computer generated titles and had to write a story based on the title. Out of my six, I chose Lonely Emerald and here is the poem that resulted.

Lonely Emerald

Not the trees, not the grass
Not the floral arrangements of a love struck boy could compare to its beauty
Years of nights collected in memories on this skyline, the same image over and over
To the village this just is,
To Lani, it is the way out
White moon breaks, now green jewels scattered throughout the sky

Dreams fade into hope that gives way to wishes until reality beats you
The way out is nothing but distance you stop bothering to measure
Wives are made, families are had, and what must be is and still..,
White moon breaks, now green jewels

It is nothing but a sight,  an old hurt steadily suffocating her
She looks to her mini copies with her hair and Nam's family nose, how selfish she must seem on top of that hill.
One last trip to the top of her world ,
Nature's plushest grinds against her thighs,
Where hair is emptied of one's tiring agendas and something fresh, pure flows between ones lungs, not like what is blowing down below.
But this is why she came..
White moon breaks, now green jewels
The sight!

There she sleeps as a mistress's last goodbye
Morning rises with a dark sherbet in the sky
No wind blows here now
Harsh grass crunch beneath her feet
Something sharp breaks skin, below her,
An emerald
The sky does not answer her question
The wind does not give into her either
Quickly she cups it.
Quickly she keeps it.
White moon breaks, green jewels... fall?

Days pass, 
Nights leave
Old dreams resurface,
Wishes are made again
It hums when it's near her,
And when she is gone, it vibrates through her heart and nothing else matters
When the moon is full again, 
Heat flushes her skin, sweat saturates her hair
And her feet will move, 
Quickly they go, cupping the jewel

Not to her bed she returns, not to Nam, not to her minis
But the hill
Where the moon is intact but cracked.
She hold the jewel in place, wanting to give it back,
It is no fun to keep it.
White moon is whole
White moon breaks
Oh what a sight, 
Now her life is just right.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Now that NaNo is over, I'm at a standstill. I don't know. I guess this is what some people were talking about. I was still keen on finishing a few days afterwards but now, its like, do I have to??

But, yes, I do. As hard as it feels to write, its not. It's my brain yelling at me, "noooo, don't do it Carol Anne!", as she chases behind me in the word forest, trying to beat the heart out of me before I reach the light at the end. So you see, my brain is jealous of my hands. Afraid that they'll take all the credit. Even though that's impossible. We're all equal partners.

Hey, you know what? Thats little story just made me feel better about writing. Its funny, how not writing writing, makes you want to write.

Love, pie, & kisses.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Steady now.

So I forgot what was going to say. I just totally blanked. 😖 but here is the scripture anyway. Life may not be all roses and sunshine but I know I got here following God and he is true to His word. He has given so many promises already. The dark times will not make me believe anything else. As we say all the time in my church, "we live by faith, not by sight". Be blessed fellows. Do a Godly work today.
Psalm 119:105  ESV
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
Meaning His words keeps me steady when the world starts rocking.

ps. I've been knocking out words but I hope they're enough to "win" NaNo. We'll see. I need another 30k in 9 days....ehh

Thursday, November 6, 2014


I decided to do NaNoWriMo this year. For real this time. I have decided on the book that I'm currently working on which just happens to be the book I entered the previous year, My Dark Bogai. Babies and job changes and moves have gotten in the way but now I'm back. I'm settled and I've written the first 25% of my novel and I hope to go ahead and finish it this month. ??? Hopefully.
My Dark Bogai is about a girl names Bethany who is in a constant fight with her neighbors, classmates, parents, her boyfriend, the evil enity that stalks her and even herself sometimes.
The mistakes of her youth came from her drug habits that made it impossible for the man in black to get to her. Until they didn't work anymore. She straightens herself out and people started to respect her. Then she's caught standing over golden boy and brother of her long ago best friend's body and everyone knows she is just who they thought she was.
Bodies keep piling up around her, visions from times past keep speaking to her and lies so many lies, from those she love, those she thought she could trust. How long will she be able to keep the lies from herself, that she actually likes the dark things she can remember doing?
But when she finds out that once a bogai has sets his sights upon you, the only way to be rid of him is to join him. Can Bethany find a way to stop the dark things she's starting to crave before the bogai consume her? Or will she give up and have everyone around pay the price?

I didn't mean for this to be that ling. Maybe the start of a synopsis???

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Flash Fiction Challenge: Chosen

Mr. Windig from Terrible Minds gave us the challenge of writing a horror spam email piece. I struggled with it for a long while. I wrote two before this and was just not satisfied. So last night after church, I was walking home and I had to walk in front of this car (a white Camaro, it was really nice) but his voice cane to me. Not God's but his voice and I had my story. How many times have you walked passed a car, knowing that while their blue headlights focus on you, so do their eyes. He chills me to the bone. Enjoy!

Hello my Sweet Rose. I have loved you, for as long as my memory has served me. Then again, time may have stopped, the moment my eyes laid upon you. It is an intoxicating measure of length that brings this cerebral of mine to you time and time again. You must know, I try to forget you. How can you love someone you have never spoken to?
This is a question I tell my self everyday. Then the smooth curvature of you cervical comes to mind. The way your hair flows as if flossing through the wind itself. Brace yourself, for I must when I think of your legs. Long and slender like the perfect 9 iron. I am entranced by your eyes. They seem to call to me whenever we meet. Hair as crimson as a fresh batch of roses and a smell just as sweet.
You must be wondering who I am by now, I know. Trust me. You will find out soon enough. I feel we are connected. That destiny has played a cruel hand in our lives. I even believe that had we both been born in another time we could have been soul mates. For I believe in another life I was a surgeon.
It comes in handy for my profession, you see. But you will find out about my profession soon enough. All the attention will be for you my sweet rose. All of my attention. For you will be the center of my masterpiece. For every garden needs a rose. And you all are a few of the many I have chosen.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Flash fiction Jewett Red

Ok. Here's flash fiction story number 2 from Chuck Wendig's short story prompt over at Terrible Minds. He asked us yo pick out five names that spoke to us and write a 100 word short about them. Hope you like it.
The name I chose were:
Jewett Red
Lord Lamborne
Crown Prince Rudolph

Jewett Red
Jewett Red was odd. She was usually muttering things to herself and pulling on that brownish green puff balls called hair. She never really saw things in front of her and everyone just pushed her aside and she'd keep going as if she hadn't felt a thing. If you called her name, those pupil-less black eyes focused their intensity on you and you'd shiver as if cursed.
 Her combat boots made slush slosh noises on the linoleum even without the help of rain or wax. Red and white stripes for a shirt that dipped revealing a breast-less chest 
  Between her black lips was blood red bubble gum and in her hand held  a small bag you'd fine olden day kids carrying their starter marble collection or some jacks in. Round and round that sack went and no one ever knew what was inside.
Until, Lord Lamborne, jock and all round fool.
 Jewett cocked her head when she spotted him at the end of school hall. The room spread out giving her a path of gasping teens and shhing adults. Lamborne's face was bruised. His clothes were dirty. His head lay against his locker until one of his teammates touched his shoulder. He roused wide eyed as if he knew she were there.
 After all, he was the last one left.
"Please," he cried. "Please. I'm sorry."
His friends scattered, leaving him to old jack head, herself. His nickname for her. Today though, and all week really, Jewett had been different. For one, there were two of her if you didn't believe in magic. The other Jewett lay in a brain damaged coma thanks to Lamborne and his buddies.
Jewett smiled. She held out her hand as she did them all. Margil refused first and ended up at the bottom of a creek. Sarah, famous for her nutmeg hair, was found hung in the girl's locker room. And old Crown Prince Rudolph, yes that was his name, lay in a room next to Jewett.
She held out her hand again. Lamborne fell to his knees bawling. "Please, please."
She smiled. Her bag of  goodies stop swinging.
 Lamborne's eyes dilated to droplets. "Okay. Okay. Ill go. Please." He held out his hands.
Jewett took his hand, dragged him through the hallway with a giant smile on her face. Her sack swinging in its glory.
The school doors open. Jewett and Lamborne disappeared in a gust of wind.
At the hospital, Jewett's bag of bones holding her dead spirit inside return. And Jewett, was no longer brain dead.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flash Fiction prompt

I decided that I would finally take myself serious as a writer. So I started reading Chuck Windig's blog again. He offers really great advice and these Flash Fiction challenges. He challenged us to come up with an awesome sentence Friday before last and last Friday we had to choose from said awesome sentences (not our own) to make a short story from.
   This is my first published work if you don't count my poetry. The sentence I chose is by writer OzFenric. This sentence reads:
She rises through black waters, leaving the City behind, and as the light above glimmers and grows, she knows she will need to remember how to breathe.

She rose through black waters leaving the city behind, and as the light above glimmered and grew, she knew she would need to remember how to breathe. It'd been years since she'd been ashore.  Water dripped from her now human skin. The blue green scales of her natural skin slithered upward, hiding.
    She could hide all of her mermaidan skin except the gills, three on each side. And that wavy red hair.
    The guards who stood post at the edge of the city tried to stop her. She ignored them and pushed the gates open. Their screams of protest fell limp to her ears. One grabbed at her. She used his body as shield for their quick arrows. Her scales, diamond hard, slid from underneath her skin and protected her back side. Those arrows went back to their owners. Two bodies fell from high. One fell from her arms. She left the last guard staring after her.
   The city was asleep except for beggers and whores, who alike, hid and watched her naked figure walk past them with reverence. She found the castle gates with ease. If memory hadn't served its purpose, the salt in the air and the extra heat led the way.
   The castle stood on the highest cliff over looking the sea she once called home. The cliff itself looked almost a monument for the battle between her people and the humans. Its high rise and pointed peak towering above the sea, daring it to strike up that high.
    When the two guards at the castle gates saw her, they converged. "Halt," said the shorter one. "We won't need a a whore tonight. Go away."
"But," said the fatter one. The other gave him a look. "Go on then. Whore. Get out of here."
"But you look so tired. Let me help you rest." she said. She blew a kiss to the shorter one.
"We said-" the fat one saw the bubble leave her mouth. It grew the size of person and enclosed the short one. She smiled and blew him a kiss too. She leapt over the gate, leaving the two guards stuck in a bubble gasping for air that would never come.
    She landed silently by one guard and snapped his neck. Two were talking intimately a few feet away and looked up when she dropped their friend's body. They drew swords. She stabbed one in the heart with his friend's sword. The other she grabbed by the chin and twist until she heard a pop.
    Three levels of stairs before she reached the top of the castle. Six guards on each level. She dipped into a runners lunge and ran. She hopped on a bottom step and catapulted to the top. Her foot collided with one guard's stomach. Blood squirted in her face and he fell to his knees.
    She head butt another and took his sword and stabbed another through his neck. She turned her weapon on the others.
    One with curly hair challenged her. They fought with swords, cling clang because he was good with his weapon. So she dropped the sword and used her speed to jump on his back and twist his neck. She fell with him. His sword landed in front of his comrades. When she looked at them, they ran.
    She entered the castle and closed the door, then pushed a statue of a lion, that took up the foyer, in front of them. She listened to the quiet castle, wondering where everyone had gone. But she only heard, sleeping. She heard the king's snoring reverberating as if coming from her own chest.
    She heard the cough of someone younger, the pitter patter of a faster heartbeat. She left the king to sleep to find this heart.
    Once she did, she let her hand rest on the door knob to listen to him breath. It was different than she remember. She knew it would be. Years had passed in both her world and this one.
He had grown.
Inside a child slept curled in a ball. In his hand he held a crown with a single turquois teardrop in the middle. His hair twirled in forever going black ringlets. He legs stretched out. She paused in her walk to him.
    When he didn't move more, she grabbed his shoulders and turned him to her. She touch his chin and brought his face next to hers. He looked like she remembered.
    His eyes flickered open and rested on her. He yawned. She dropped the boy back on his bed and moved from him.
He rubbed sleep from his eyes. "Wow!"
"Who are you," she asked.
"I am the prince." He held up the crown.
"Where is the other prince?"
"Its only me. I'm the only one."
She ran to the king's chambers. The king was missing from his bed. His lovely wife, soft and elegant in her lavender night robes lay asleep. She looked down to her own unruly hair and rough hands and wondered if the queen would still look elegant in death.
"Ariel." Her name was called from an open door in the wall that she hadn't noticed before. She closed her eyes before stepping in the room and closing the door behind her. The room held piles of books, a roaring fire and two grand ruby red chairs.
"As beautiful as I remember," the king said. She approached with caution. Some of her scales slid from her human skin in reaction to her anger. King Eric looked just as beautiful as the day they met years ago.  She knew that humans aged differently than her people yet he looked exactly the same.
    "And just as quiet. Ursula put another spell on you?" He laughed. She did not. "He's not here. I know that's why you've come."
"You replaced him. Like you replaced me."
"It was not like that."
"You sold me to my enemy."
"No. They wanted your father."
"Where is he?"
"He was changing. I had no choice."
"Where is he?"
"I gave him to your father. Wait, wait, please Ariel. Your father said he could help him."
"My father hated him. Its why we ran away to you. I told you this!" She hit a pile of books and dust and paper scattered across the room.
"I didn't know."
"You didn't want to know. I know you looked at me differently when you found out about my heritage."
"That's not true. I loved you."
"And who gave you your youth? A spell?"
"Not for our son."
"For me then?"
Eric hung his head. "Neither but the Sharknid tricked me. Your father was sinking all of my ships. The Sharknid said if I kept you here long enough, Trident would coming looking for you. And they would take him and I would be free of his wrath."
"So you made me fall in love with you!" Anger coursed through her. Tears and sadness were distant memories from years of torture by the Sharknid.
"That was real Ariel. My youthful curse was long before you came into my life."
"So you sold our son for peace of mind and you stole my heart for protection?"
 "Its not that simple."
"It is!"
"I couldn't control our son. He would thrive in Atlantis."
"He can't breath under water. No gills." She raised up her arms to show him the gills on her side. "Our son never got them. I told you that too."
"I'm sorry. I didn't know what to do."
"So you handed him to the one man who wanted him dead?"
"I'm sorry."
She walked over to the king and touched his face. She put her arm through his stomach and pulled at his intestines until the light left his eyes.
    Ariel went back the way she came. The queen waited for her and fell to her knees and begged that she spare her son's life. "He doesn't know of the things his father has done." she said. Ariel twisted her neck.
The boy stood in the door way watching. She crossed the room and opened another secret passage that led to the ledge leading to Atlantis. At the edge of the cliff, she could almost see the Atlantian markers.
    Her son was probably dead. Her father was probably still immortal. She couldn't even kill him on his death bed with him there daring her to finish what the Sharknids couldn't.
She'd escaped the Sharknids prison. She had no Father, no Eric. No son. What else did she have to live for?
"Halt," said one of the dozen guards approaching.
Nothing. She had nothing left to lose but a whole lot of bones to pick. She turned to the guards, her scales slid into place. "Yes?"