Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Sucks

I need to write and honestly, I want to say I'm stuck. I know I'm being lazy or scared. I think scared. I almost finished my first short story ever and it was my BABY!!! I loved the idea of Maxie and Don. Their love was so real and firey, It made my blood bubble. It was the romance I've always wanted you minus the nagging sister, the pompus mom, the wierd sister who goes silent toward some people and colorful wind who whispers annyoing in your ear. Oh what a dream.
I really don't want to start a new story then have it lost again.it sucks and if you've never lost a story, mabey you don't know what its like. but its like losing a beloved pet(which I also lost the past year). I will not give up nor lose hope. I acutally starting writing like now, at 9:13 pm when I went to the web and realized I never finished this post, which I started at like 1:30 today. So... Good me!!!
......Kiss Kiss

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