Tuesday, May 17, 2011

where to begin

Good morning. Its about nine I think, where I am. The sun has yet to reach the porch. Its my ideal time to write, while the earth is still quiet and lazy folks are still in bed, sleepy folks are just making it home and car alarms are going off for no reason. Ha!
I'm watching Harper's Island, so glad I didn't get to miss this this time around.(I got distracted so I thought I'd mention it.) Anyway, I haven't really wrote anything in the past week or so, because I drop my phone into my tea. That made it very sticky. I wiped it(parts I could see), put it in rice(though I was impatient and dug it out every six seconds); I like to say I cared for it while it was sick. Then it betrayed me(though it might say I betrayed it in the first place).
That damn thing started to ignore my commands by rejecting my pass code, not letting me read any of the ebooks I downloaded, txt'n wen it flt lik it, not letting me know I had missed calls but somehow I voicemail it wouldn't let me hear. THEN, then, it just said screw you. Its lights up, shows me my home screen, teasing me with it, knowing good darn well I want in bad.
The phone company says, you don't have insurance, we can't replace your phone. Lucky me I have an old sprint phone, my blackberry curve, so I switched, not knowing that they were going to wipe the darn thing clean(leaving my music, yeppie! That's sacrasm if you didn't know). Music is replaceable but all those stories I wrote aren't. Esp the one I was almost finished about my Maxie.
I'll tell you about it soon. I'm still working on that part, that five sentence paragraph that tell you everything you need to know. But, yep, that's why I'm devestated, its gone. I've been in mourning, to sad to write, but I think I'm ready now. Mabey I'll start back with Maxie or mabey I'll finish Jenna's story. Who knows. I have to go. I haven't done my makeup and the sun is slowly creeping up my window.

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