Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My name became a legend. It is wispered among the trees, carried by the ropes and vines that watch this very city. Some say I am a myth. Some say I am a Hol slave who rose to dominance inside the Bridges.
Others say, I was a sheer headed child born to Bridge parents. Most say, I was manifested.
But me, I say I was created.

This was literally a dream. The story not the synap. I wrote as much as I could remember, which was all of it. That was the first time I ever remembered my dream(when they play out in story mode or when I have a ***compulsion*** to write it down) that I actually remembered it. So, I had to basically. Anyway I was searching thru my notebook to find an outline for a short story I wanted to go ahead and finish and saw the story I summerized from beginnging to end. I'd completely forgotten about it. But I can't wait to get started on it.

Savi is turning out great. Lots and lots of research but I'm up for it. Also mabey a series for my blog. I originly wanted that for my Jenna story(sorry I don't have names yet) but I'm really excited to submit that to a contest or half of it for a mag as a series(?) mabey. Let's hope. Okay tootles. Have to write. Still got that goal to reach.

Kiss kisss Kissess

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