Saturday, July 16, 2011

proud to say

I am happy as a bird flying low to greet the children he's watched grow from his tight little branch above their home. ahhhhhhh! i just want to scream. But unfortunately there're are people around me and so i can do no such thing.(atleast without disturbing then.)
I have been up since about 7:40 this morning and wrote till about 11:00 this morning. The only bad side of this, was i wrote on the wrong book. When i was suppose to be writing on my Jenna story and i wrote on Savi instead. But like i said Jenna is coming along nicely, i just need a title and to work my outline into the parts ive written which wont be so hard if my computer stop frezzing. But leave it to the computer man who says that it has an antivirus ware on it. right. But!!! The bright side is that i now have a chapter one for Savi that i am satisfied with. There's most of the elements i wanted in it, like the club scenes which im sad to say Savi's not doing the dancing but it works so much better like this. her and her talk with jeremy. the savi and KIm scene was cut ALOT but thats okay cause it works for Kim character and the book together so happy about that. there is the bathroom scene(i like the way i wrote it the first time with her falling outside the door and she kind of sees them being taken, the girl sorta hovers above her in a shadowy fog and she sees the creepy stranger staring at her) the way it now is is better for the story(mabey i'll post the other one day.) We meet several suspicous charaters and we get a sense of all of her friends better than the approach i was using and we meet Tao and his beautiful self. I now have abetter understanding of the thing she calls the spark. how beautiful. im excited. really turely i am.

kiss kiss kisses muah!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm getting a lot done for my Jenna story. I know I know bad me; I still need a title for it. Ugh, I'm getting there. But so far I have an outline, which I was for the last two years I've decided that I want to write, I thought I didn't need. It isn't that hard, I thought. I'm just telling a story. Its simple, just do this, this and this. Wrong!
I'm glad I have one now. Still, though, I write before I outline. I tend to get to know my characters better that way, even if-like my Jenna short, I have to rewrite alot of it. I think by writing, then outlining, I kind of know what, when, where and why(? Hopefully on that part). But its much easier for me to fill in the gaps than to create new ones so, yea.
Also I have a location, not just some mid-west state and city somewhere on a map. I now know what all races and species are. And I have a means to an end. Meaning I'm not just writing and whatever happens happens-meaning, again, some of my fav scenes had to get cut or done in a different way to keep in tune with the story line, the beginning and ultimately the ending. I love it. And I'm finding out better ways to write and prepare myself to write and research more on my Savi. novels.
This is good stuff. If you didn't know now you do. Be sure and checkout the great advice on this place. This is my savior. Love them here! Its a site dedicated to helping authors of fantasy but the knowledge here can be applied to almost every genre of book set in our fictional worlds. So explore, enjoy and write.

Kiss kiss kisses