Friday, August 5, 2011

Everlasting Peace

truly i am enjoying every bit of my life. God has been good and i am determined not to let the devil get the best of me. taking control of your life when so long its been in someone else's or something's hands and you get free and live your life how God wants you to, it the most beautiful, the most peaceful thing in the world. i promise. things that use to matter, don't matter any more. things that use to take up your time just so you may avoid life become powerless. this year has been a journey and its rounding up this coming October. it will be a year in October that my mom past. i have learn so much about myself and about those around me that its scary. SCARY scary. but i made it, even though i never thought i could. im proud of me. i know Mama Jean is too. i love you luv, stay beautiful and teach those Angels how to love...

kiss kiss no tears this time kiss


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