Saturday, October 8, 2011

Finding Me

So, yesterday at school one of my classes had this big debate or discussion rather about the protest outside of Bank of America on main street in Dallas, Texas. well, its not so much the protest that bugs me, itsthe fact that in mynext class, there werepeopleactually in the protest andhad all their things to campout and fight for the cause(They’re fed up with what they describe as corporate greed. They’re mad about Wall Street bailouts, and they’re frustrated with declining economic opportunities for millions of

My trouble is, and i know this is biggerthan me,but these kids re in a protest! God knows what could happen and still, they march, they stand up, they speak up. so my questions is, why arent I? What's my purpose? Is it to protest for a cause? Save a soul? i dont know. So far i've been pretty good about knowing how I am. I, guest you could say I found my way.but know that I'veseen these pretty normal looking kids, people who you'd never inagine standing up for Occupy Dallas, its really making me feel like, okay, what are you going tro do? I mean I'm not going to go and protest but, still, how am I making an impact on the world? What am I doing to better our world? Heck I started out recycling and to be honest, I really dont much much effort into that anymore. So again, what am I doing? If i volunteer, I'll volunteer for an art show or something,is that really doing in justice for our community and for our future generations? im so confused or, rather, wondering, what can i do? What should I be doing? and can my writing have that big of influnece on the world? even if i write about UF/F? I dont know. But i hate feeling inadequate.

Kiss, kisss,kisses

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