Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my

I just found out some disturbing news about my dad. He's been on the hospital for the last week in intensive care. He was found unconscious and taken to the hospital. Turns out he was bleeding in his brain and it began to seep from his ears.
The good thing is he is still alive. Now speaking, walking and using the restroom by himself.
I don't remember if i ever wrote about my mother's passing in 2010 but to find this out scared me so bad....i can't even tell you. I went to visit him today and i was scaredfor him to fall asleep
I knew he was tired and trying to gain his strength back and everything but...............
I was just happy to watch him breath. To see him stand and hug me. I tell me that he loved me and missed me. Then he fell alseep of course. I don't know what i would do if i lost him. He wasn't the best father but he was a damn good daddy. And i love him for it.

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