Thursday, February 2, 2012

Samething right?

Well I wrote this morning. A poem, ofcourse, which i'll copy paste from my laptop on the site later. Im suppose to be writing on my Jenna story. I know, I know, still... Yes, still but this time is different. Before I was just writing, another way to hide, but now I really just want to tell her story. The right way. But life, or Blindsides, happen. Like my follow with God, I found its better if I just do what my characters want instead of me wanting them to do things they werent made for them to do. The writing has become much easier this way.
So has my life. Since I started or should I say, stopped trying to do what I, wanted in my flesh. I am now navigating in the spirit. And wow, what a journey. In your walk, in church, they never tell you what to expect. They never tell you how bad somethings will hurt. Sorry, off topic. I'll go before I explain the poem before I post it...

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