Thursday, February 9, 2012

You Know What

This is an oldie that was never published....
I've been thinking lately about relationships and how they work and what you have to put in them. Quite frankly i haven't come up with anything. I know its the normal things like, love and trust. Care, proper judgment, tears, laughter, sighs. The normal. But what really makes a relationship work???
I mean in any relationship, not just the romantic ones. What happens if you give 100%? Okay maybe like 75. Still i expect the other half to give 75 too.
Its hard for me too trust people, so when someone asks me to trust them, i say yes sure. But in reality, I'm not so sure. I wish i was. My trust issues are acres long from years of neglect and broken promises and lies and false smiles, etc, etc, etc...
Yea yea yea. How can i break that barrier? I know along the way i will get hurt. I know this because some people are just made to hurt other people. I also know that along the way, I'll find love in abundance.  The thing is, I wish there was a sensor inside of us that says, hey in that not to distant future this person will do this and hurt you.
I know we have our subconscious for that but when I tell you the damn thing lies, believe me. It does.
Well.... no it doesn't. Your heart lies. Isn't it funny that instead of listening to our subconscious, who is usually right,though I hate to admit it, we listen to out hearts. The thing we know will get us in trouble. But how can you stop from loving?? Would you want too?? No I suppose not. But sometimes loving is lonely. Sometimes loving hurts. Loving makes you feel important and the next minute feel like a complete waste of space.
Oh I don't know. Maybe I'm a little cynical at the moment but but darn it I have a right to be. Really I'm just writing this so I wont get too depressed. My life is falling a little bit but God always has a plan. So I will follow and wait patiently....just my random thoughts about relationship junk. Guess next time I'll ramble about matters of the heart, if it ever comes up. Or I'll stick to the poetry.

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