Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Flash Fiction Challenge: Chosen

Mr. Windig from Terrible Minds gave us the challenge of writing a horror spam email piece. I struggled with it for a long while. I wrote two before this and was just not satisfied. So last night after church, I was walking home and I had to walk in front of this car (a white Camaro, it was really nice) but his voice cane to me. Not God's but his voice and I had my story. How many times have you walked passed a car, knowing that while their blue headlights focus on you, so do their eyes. He chills me to the bone. Enjoy!

Hello my Sweet Rose. I have loved you, for as long as my memory has served me. Then again, time may have stopped, the moment my eyes laid upon you. It is an intoxicating measure of length that brings this cerebral of mine to you time and time again. You must know, I try to forget you. How can you love someone you have never spoken to?
This is a question I tell my self everyday. Then the smooth curvature of you cervical comes to mind. The way your hair flows as if flossing through the wind itself. Brace yourself, for I must when I think of your legs. Long and slender like the perfect 9 iron. I am entranced by your eyes. They seem to call to me whenever we meet. Hair as crimson as a fresh batch of roses and a smell just as sweet.
You must be wondering who I am by now, I know. Trust me. You will find out soon enough. I feel we are connected. That destiny has played a cruel hand in our lives. I even believe that had we both been born in another time we could have been soul mates. For I believe in another life I was a surgeon.
It comes in handy for my profession, you see. But you will find out about my profession soon enough. All the attention will be for you my sweet rose. All of my attention. For you will be the center of my masterpiece. For every garden needs a rose. And you all are a few of the many I have chosen.

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