Monday, October 13, 2014

Flash fiction Jewett Red

Ok. Here's flash fiction story number 2 from Chuck Wendig's short story prompt over at Terrible Minds. He asked us yo pick out five names that spoke to us and write a 100 word short about them. Hope you like it.
The name I chose were:
Jewett Red
Lord Lamborne
Crown Prince Rudolph

Jewett Red
Jewett Red was odd. She was usually muttering things to herself and pulling on that brownish green puff balls called hair. She never really saw things in front of her and everyone just pushed her aside and she'd keep going as if she hadn't felt a thing. If you called her name, those pupil-less black eyes focused their intensity on you and you'd shiver as if cursed.
 Her combat boots made slush slosh noises on the linoleum even without the help of rain or wax. Red and white stripes for a shirt that dipped revealing a breast-less chest 
  Between her black lips was blood red bubble gum and in her hand held  a small bag you'd fine olden day kids carrying their starter marble collection or some jacks in. Round and round that sack went and no one ever knew what was inside.
Until, Lord Lamborne, jock and all round fool.
 Jewett cocked her head when she spotted him at the end of school hall. The room spread out giving her a path of gasping teens and shhing adults. Lamborne's face was bruised. His clothes were dirty. His head lay against his locker until one of his teammates touched his shoulder. He roused wide eyed as if he knew she were there.
 After all, he was the last one left.
"Please," he cried. "Please. I'm sorry."
His friends scattered, leaving him to old jack head, herself. His nickname for her. Today though, and all week really, Jewett had been different. For one, there were two of her if you didn't believe in magic. The other Jewett lay in a brain damaged coma thanks to Lamborne and his buddies.
Jewett smiled. She held out her hand as she did them all. Margil refused first and ended up at the bottom of a creek. Sarah, famous for her nutmeg hair, was found hung in the girl's locker room. And old Crown Prince Rudolph, yes that was his name, lay in a room next to Jewett.
She held out her hand again. Lamborne fell to his knees bawling. "Please, please."
She smiled. Her bag of  goodies stop swinging.
 Lamborne's eyes dilated to droplets. "Okay. Okay. Ill go. Please." He held out his hands.
Jewett took his hand, dragged him through the hallway with a giant smile on her face. Her sack swinging in its glory.
The school doors open. Jewett and Lamborne disappeared in a gust of wind.
At the hospital, Jewett's bag of bones holding her dead spirit inside return. And Jewett, was no longer brain dead.

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