Thursday, November 6, 2014


I decided to do NaNoWriMo this year. For real this time. I have decided on the book that I'm currently working on which just happens to be the book I entered the previous year, My Dark Bogai. Babies and job changes and moves have gotten in the way but now I'm back. I'm settled and I've written the first 25% of my novel and I hope to go ahead and finish it this month. ??? Hopefully.
My Dark Bogai is about a girl names Bethany who is in a constant fight with her neighbors, classmates, parents, her boyfriend, the evil enity that stalks her and even herself sometimes.
The mistakes of her youth came from her drug habits that made it impossible for the man in black to get to her. Until they didn't work anymore. She straightens herself out and people started to respect her. Then she's caught standing over golden boy and brother of her long ago best friend's body and everyone knows she is just who they thought she was.
Bodies keep piling up around her, visions from times past keep speaking to her and lies so many lies, from those she love, those she thought she could trust. How long will she be able to keep the lies from herself, that she actually likes the dark things she can remember doing?
But when she finds out that once a bogai has sets his sights upon you, the only way to be rid of him is to join him. Can Bethany find a way to stop the dark things she's starting to crave before the bogai consume her? Or will she give up and have everyone around pay the price?

I didn't mean for this to be that ling. Maybe the start of a synopsis???

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