Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hi, I haven't done this in a while. I can say I've been busy at my own projects. I have a book finished, finally but in edit. Yay still...
This piece is for Chuck Wendig's flash fiction challenge that he holds every Friday. We were giving six computer generated titles and had to write a story based on the title. Out of my six, I chose Lonely Emerald and here is the poem that resulted.

Lonely Emerald

Not the trees, not the grass
Not the floral arrangements of a love struck boy could compare to its beauty
Years of nights collected in memories on this skyline, the same image over and over
To the village this just is,
To Lani, it is the way out
White moon breaks, now green jewels scattered throughout the sky

Dreams fade into hope that gives way to wishes until reality beats you
The way out is nothing but distance you stop bothering to measure
Wives are made, families are had, and what must be is and still..,
White moon breaks, now green jewels

It is nothing but a sight,  an old hurt steadily suffocating her
She looks to her mini copies with her hair and Nam's family nose, how selfish she must seem on top of that hill.
One last trip to the top of her world ,
Nature's plushest grinds against her thighs,
Where hair is emptied of one's tiring agendas and something fresh, pure flows between ones lungs, not like what is blowing down below.
But this is why she came..
White moon breaks, now green jewels
The sight!

There she sleeps as a mistress's last goodbye
Morning rises with a dark sherbet in the sky
No wind blows here now
Harsh grass crunch beneath her feet
Something sharp breaks skin, below her,
An emerald
The sky does not answer her question
The wind does not give into her either
Quickly she cups it.
Quickly she keeps it.
White moon breaks, green jewels... fall?

Days pass, 
Nights leave
Old dreams resurface,
Wishes are made again
It hums when it's near her,
And when she is gone, it vibrates through her heart and nothing else matters
When the moon is full again, 
Heat flushes her skin, sweat saturates her hair
And her feet will move, 
Quickly they go, cupping the jewel

Not to her bed she returns, not to Nam, not to her minis
But the hill
Where the moon is intact but cracked.
She hold the jewel in place, wanting to give it back,
It is no fun to keep it.
White moon is whole
White moon breaks
Oh what a sight, 
Now her life is just right.

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